Urban Farming

Grades: 9th
Construction, Horticulture, Project-based Learning
Key Outcomes:

Students worked in several teams to design, construct, and stain wooden boxes for raised planting beds. These were then placed outdoors on the school’s campus and used to grow herbs of the students’ choice, such as lavender, mint, and rosemary.

Students used teamwork to plan and create their planting structures, and learned the safe use of power tools.


Trey remembers his mom growing tomatoes and other plants at home, but he had never really gotten into gardening himself.

Ms. Haley’s urban farming project changed that. Along with his partner Jasmine, Trey created a planting box which is now being used to grow mint just outside Innovation High School.

“We chose mint because it has a lot of uses: in foods, in medicines, as a scent or flavor to add to things,” he says. “The challenging part of building our planter box was getting the measurements and cuts exactly correct and straight. At first, we measured wrong so that just one piece was off. So unfortunately we had to re-cut all the other pieces to match it. Then, we used clamps to help make sure everything was tight as we were gluing the structure together.”

Trey’s favorite parts of this project?

“I enjoyed using the chop saw to automatically give us straight cuts,” he says. “And I like working in a team and finishing something useful.”