Aerial Mapping

Grades: 9th
Subjects: Architectural Modeling, Realistic Mapping, Laser Printing

Key Outcomes:

Students worked to create two three-dimensional maps using a laser printer, producing a realistic model of the neighborhood that comprises a three-block radius around the school.

In addition to learning how to use the laser printer; students observed, estimated, measured, and made adjustments as they attempted to map the built environment as realistically as possible with the limited time and resources they were given.


For Isaiah (9th), this project was a fun challenge combined technology and real-world experience.

“We definitely used Google Maps and Google Earth, but we also went out with Mr. Alec in the radius surrounding the school so we could observe details about every structure we were modeling,” he says. “My favorite part was learning how to use the laser printer though.”

This combination of digital/physical tools with field work offered a rich, multi-faceted experience for the students involved. Including as many details as possible in their model became an enjoyable, tactile experience as well.

“We got into it, making sure to include every chimney, and even chiseling out some windows and other details,” says Isaiah.